• Olo Trade was founded in 2018 by Amanda Clinton who is a lawyer by profession and a regional trade facilitation expert who works with multinationals within Africa. Following a shoot at a photo studio for her law firm’s profile pictures, she asked the photographer if he could design some posters to promote her legal services. The photographer agreed and following a few WhatsApp messages and clarifications, he completed the job, emailed it to her and she paid him via money mobile transfer. She was pleased with the freelancer’s service though surprised that such gigs weren’t available online for young Africans to advertise their services as freelancers, part-time or full-time, and be paid for their services via money mobile transfers.
  • The idea for Olo Trade was thereafter born and she is in the process of raising the capital for this new Africa-wide venture that will cater to the unique needs of the terrain (money mobile transfers for payment, unique tastes and different ways of communicating etc.)
  • As a U.K and Ghanaian trained lawyer and business consultant, Amanda’s vision is for Olo Trade is to be a continent wide online Gig platform; an online space for employers to advertise their jobs on the site and a career-development platform.